The world’s only March Madness style, Brad Pitt themed podcast.

Welcome to March Bradness – a podcast where we're pitting every single Brad Pitt movie against one another in a quest to find the ultimate Brad. Following an official bracket, two films go head-to-head in every episode. Movies are judged based on Brad content alone, so this is anyone's game. In the end, there can only be one winner. We're part comedy, part film podcast, all Brad.


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New to the podcast? We recommend starting with one of our favorite episodes, Spy Game vs. Happy Feet Two. You can take it from the top if you want – but around episode nine is when the audio quality starts to improve.

We're watching every Brad movie

Following an official bracket, we're pitting two films together every episode.

We're voting on the winners

Movies are judged based on Brad's acting, not the film's quality. At this point, it's anyone's game.

We're recording the results

It's a podcast. All the cool kids are doing it.