A pun gone too far.

Join creators Hannah Skibbe & Sarah Davis Baker as we embark on a journey to find the Ultimate Brad. We're watching all movies in which he has a speaking role – yes, all of them – in a bracket similar to March Madness.

Two films are watched back-to-back and discussed each episode, with the winner advancing in the bracket. Movies are judged based on the Bradness alone – not the best film – leaving the opportunity for any movie to advance. In the end, there can only be one winner.


What is Bradness? What are you looking for in a winning Brad?

We're judging the best Brad based on his acting perfromance, of course – but we're also looking for the spark that makes Brad such a permanent A-lister. Goofiness, charm, or a really good crying scene can propel a Brad forward. An inexperienced but enthusiastic Brad, such as Brad in Across the Tracks, has the potential to beat a more technically adept yet "flat" Brad – such as Brad's performance in Allied. Trust us: you'll know it when you see it.


Why Brad?

Brad Pitt has caught our attention for a long time. He's a permanent A-lister, one of the most iconic American celebrities of all time – yet he's something of a blank slate. He's been in a movie every year since 1987, but can you name a movie past Fight Club or Burn After Reading? He's not confined to genre, and his characters range from the dramatic to the absurd. We at March Bradness are interested in what Brad Pitt as an icon says about celebrity status as a whole. Plus, we wanted an excuse to watch a whole bunch of movies.


Our theme song was composed by the fabulous John Baker.


Meet the Team

Hannah: March Bradness Co-Host

Hannah Skibbe is a Minneapolis born writer / illustrator / aspiring sellout. She has a degree in cinema and media studies so she knows what she's fucking talking about, OK???

Sarah: March Bradness Co-Host

Sarah is a writer, designer and illustrator who will go to any lengths to make a good meme. She has a cat named Justin Bieber who is really, really cute.