Hell or High Water



Hell or High Water – a recent Academy Award nominee about a pair of brothers robbing banks in Texas – was a pretty good film. You know what would have made it even better? Brad Pitt in a cowboy hat. 

Welcome to the first in a series of mini-episodes, where we will be re-imagining movies that Brad Pitt should have been in.

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Chris and Brad Look Related

Author: Hannah Skibbe

Chris Pine and Brad Pitt should have played brothers in Hell or High Water for a lot of reasons besides the fact that the role of Tanner is very much in Brad’s wheelhouse. We talk about it at length above, but one of these elements is entirely visual, and that is just how much Chris and Brad look like each other.


Let’s look at the facts.


1. The Head

Brad Pitt Chris Pine


Brad and Chris have very similar face shapes/sizes. They are both very handsome, blue eyed men with square jaws and sort-of-hooded blue eyes. They’re both frequently sporting (and pulling off) that salt and pepper goatee look. Both of them have almost definitely had a magnet bracelet phase. It’s almost like they are siblings.


I feel like the above pictures are enough evidence to warrant ending this blog post, but I’ll include some more points just for security.



2. The Nose 


Brad Pitt and Chris Pine nose comparison


Chris and Brad have very similar noses. A nice little slope. At certain angles, as you can see in the first photo comparison, it almost looks like they have the same nose. However close examination shows that Chris’ continues to slope down for a while while Brad’s has a slight uptick. Different, but similar enough to pass as related.


3. The Hair

Brad Pitt and Chris Pine hairline comparison.


Chris and Brad have incredibly similar hairlines, and arguably very similar hair colors! Again highlighting their similarities, both seem to favor the pushed back look.



Brad Pitt and Chris Pine Long Hair


And though Brad is our number one flaxen haired hero of the 90s, Chris is giving him a run for his money in pulling off Long n Blonde!



In conclusion, we as a people are really screwing up by not casting Brad as Chris’ older brother.


Brad Pitt Chris Pine Similarity Gif