01. Ocean's Eleven vs

Dark Side of the Sun


It's the first episode... ever! Brad's iconic Ocean's Eleven goes head to head with his very first movie, Dark Side of the Sun – in which he plays a man who wears a gimp suit because he is allergic to sunlight. Will Shrimp Brad or Gimp Brad win?

Featuring hosts Hannah & Sarah.

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Brad Pitt's Cute Little Sun-Averse Face

Author: Sarah Baker

What a doozy of a first episode. We went into these movies thinking we knew exactly what to expect. Ocean's Eleven is a tidy little film, after all – and Dark Side of the Sun? Never heard of it. "A young man in search of a cure for a dreaded skin disease" didn't sound like a very promising synopsis – so we weren't expecting much debate about the winner.

We were so wrong.

I wanted to share some additional imagery with you from these movies – mostly so that you can see how darn cute Brad Pitt is in Dark Side of the Sun. He's so little.


Dark Side Brad is so cute.

Here he is wearing his cute little outfit, eating what seems to be a chip. I don't remember him eating in this movie, but apparently Snack Brad strikes again.


He is SO CUTE!

This is what we're referring to as "perfectly coiffed hair". See?



Skinny Ripped

I'm tossing this one in for Hannah. This is what she refers to as "skinny ripped".


Finally, I'm including an example of the famous "cup shrimp / plate shrimp" continuity error in Ocean's Eleven. I'm really glad someone else had the dedication to screencap this so that I didn't have to.


As you can see, Brad is such a master criminal in this movie that not even his cohort appears to have noticed this drastic shift in tableware.


That's all for now! Go forth and listen!